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Cosmic Disclosure Exhibition

The darkest matters of this generation will not appear on television. They will not conveniently appear on the cover of your grocery line magazine. They will not appear on the protest signs littered through the streets of this country. There is a dark and hidden force operating far above our skies and deeper below our soils. This is a story about Cosmic Disclosure—the unveiling of historically suppressed knowledge revealing the existence of a secret space program and an inner earth civilization. 

My exhibition graces Wilshire Blvd from Jan 20 - Mar 31. This will be LA’s first exposure to our multidimensional reality and the black project secret space programs of our military industrial complex. This will be the year of disclosure. The masses have already awakened. We cannot be stopped.

Landscapes of the Hyperspace
Parinya Champ

5450 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles
Jan 20 - Mar 31

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