Parinya Champ (b.1984, Manhattan) is an artist attempting to map a higher dimensional state of consciousness known as Hyperspace—a realm existing outside of time that is imbued with opulent, fractal landscapes of intelligent, kaleidoscopic light. His research into transcendental meditations and entheogens has revealed that psychoactive lenses can tune consciousness into receiving higher dimensional frequencies—journeying to see a glimpse into the deepest, darkest levels of existence where singularity and its allure are encountered.

His photo series, Landscapes of the Hyperspace, is an attempt at visually charting transcendent spaces encountered on his journeys to the farthest reaches of human consciousness. Using large-format prints, his works depict hauntingly vibrant, psychedelic abstractions he has arranged into compositions that depart from a third dimensional plane—on the verge of losing representation to reality—seemingly inhabiting impossible non-representational spaces. These hyperdimensional scenes are sophisticated constructions created from holograms, paint, and polyhedrons.

Champ is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, Studio Art Dept (2007). His continual research is a discourse in Cosmic Disclosure—the current unveiling of historically suppressed knowledge that can inform and assist humankind into an unprecedented era of galactic membership among spacefaring and extraterrestrial groups—to explore, travel, and understand the higher dimensional realms of existence.

On Cosmic Disclosure

Parinya Champ has performed over a decade of vast research into a sensitive subject matter known as Cosmic Disclosure. He says our world is currently going through an unprecedented, energetic shift in consciousness that has been predicted by highly advanced ancient civilizations throughout history. He believes the Earth is about to enter into a new era for mankind which will benefit from the introduction of exotic free-energy technologies based on source-field physics which have been deliberately hijacked by a secret space program and suppressed from public knowledge for over a century. He explains these technologies are now being rediscovered as internet information has hit a critical mass. This has come about as knowledge on numerous extraterrestrial species currently visiting our planet has now gone into public domain. He says it will take concerted effort on a global scale to accept these realizations in order to usher earth into a galactic membership that will be the defining moment for humankind.

Extended Bio
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Parinya Champ

b. 1984, Manhattan, NY. Lives and works in Los Angeles and Bangkok.
University of California, Irvine. BA, Studio Art. 2007


Exhibition Records


LACDA—Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
A Hyperdimensional Disclosure by Parinya Champ
104 E. 4th St., Los Angeles
Sep 14–Oct 7
Curated by Anna Katz (MOCA–Museum of Contemporary Art) and Dhyandra Lawson (LACMA–Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
Solo Exhibition

MOPLA 2017—Month of Photography Los Angeles
Landscapes of the Hyperspace by Parinya Champ
5450 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles
Jan 20–Mar 31
Solo Exhibition

MOPLA Group Show
1520 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles
Jan 19–26


MAS Attack 12
San Diego Art Institute
1439 El Prado, San Diego
Mar 19

Focus Photo LA
Photo LA
The Reef/LA Mart
Photo: Cathedral Space
1933 Broadway Blvd, Los Angeles
Jan 21–24

Module: Exploring Modularity Through Art
Art Share LA
801 E. 4th Pl, Los Angeles
Photos: Cathedral Space, Building Cathedrals II, Landscapes of the Hyperspace (Pinwheel), and Space Mountain II
January 6–16

Coagula Curatorial Gallery Chinatown
Guest Curator: Tulsa Kinney, Artillery Magazine
974 Chung King Rd, Los Angeles, CA
Photo: Landscapes of the Hyperspace (Pinwheel)
Jan 9–Feb 17


MAS Attack 9 – Masque Attack 9, Temporary Space LA Gallery
5522 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles
Photo: Space Mountain II
Oct 31, 2015


Ten, University Gallery, Irvine, California, curated by Karen Moss of OCMA (Orange County Museum of Art)
Honors Select Exhibition
Sculpture: Bulletproof Living Room (Non-Bulletproof Lawn)

This Space Available, University Gallery, Irvine, California
Photographs: These Flashing Lights Come From Everywhere and The Way They Hit Her I Had To Stop and Stare

Catalyst IX, Apply Directly to the Forehead, Catalyst Gallery, Irvine, California
Sculpture/Photograph: Present Surprise


Expert Witness, University Gallery, Irvine, California, curated by Ciara Ennis of UCR California Museum of Photography
Honors Select Exhibition
Photograph: A Messenger Informs the Town that the King Will Be Arriving

Fun.da.mental, University Gallery, Irvine, California
Honors Select Exhibition
Photographs: Distraction Series



PHOTO LA. International Los Angeles Photographic Arts Exposition. Second Place in Competition. Focus Photo LA. 2016
ArtSlant Prize—5th 2016 Showcase Winner, Photography


ArtSlant Prize—6th 2015 Showcase Winner, Photography
ArtSlant Prize—5th 2015 Showcase Juried Winner, Photography
ArtSlant Prize—4th 2015 Showcase Winner, Photography


LACMA — Los Angeles County Museum of Art — VSCO Collections — Aug 2015


Venison Magazine – Summer 2016 – Parinya Champ

Visual Complexities – Parinya Champ. Adhoc Contemporary Art.

VSCO – Explore Community Journals Selects. Kompong Khleang, Cambodia.


ConspiracyFact.Press – July 2018 – Parinya Champ
Meeting of the Map Makers

ConspiracyFact.Press – June 2018 – Parinya Champ
The Great Awakening Map Maker


Venison Magazine
AdHoc Contemporary
Photo LA
UCIrvine Art Gallery