Great Awakening Map Interviews Part I & II


Thank you to @ConspiracyFact.Press for taping these interviews between myself and Dylan Monroe @masterconspiracy. 

Great Awakening Map Maker


Meeting of the Map Makers


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Antarctica Disclosure to Save the World—Freeman Fly interviews Dr. Michael Salla

Freeman explores a variety of related subject with Dr. Salla in this 1st. hr. of a 2 hr. interview on Antarctica, President Trump, Corey Good, William Tompkins, hybrid humans, and others.

This interview explores the reasons why high-profile public figures have visited Antarctica lately, including Senator John Kerry, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and even the Pope. They have been shown ancient underground cities buried beneath miles of ice.

These cities were inhabited by an ancient civilization that migrated from Mars after a disaster with the Super Earth (Maldek). The inhabitants are known as the Pre-Adamites, ancient human lineages who have elongated skulls and were most likely telepathic or highly spiritually evolved. Inside these cities beneath the Antarctic surface, there are numerous ancient ruins that contain advanced extraterrestrial technologies. Some of these technologies are still operational such as anti-gravitic spacecraft.

Corey Goode confirms testimony of having seen these ancient ruins filled with ancient technology on his visit into these Antarctic bases with the aid of the Anshar. The excavated ruins are being shown to the high-profile visitors in preparation for a controlled global disclosure of these events.

In order for the narrative of this story not to be subjected to a dis-info campaign by the cabal, it is urged that this information be publicly shared as much as possible so we can control the timeline of the release of this information to the world. Full disclosure must come immediately and we will not allow the cabal to withhold this information over the course of several decades of slow release.

Confirmation of this story comes from Corey Goode, William Tompkins, and Benjamin Fulford. These researchers and whistleblowers may be found in the Library section.

Corey Goode / Secret Space Program / Mt Shasta Conference / Part II

This is Part II of Corey Goode's Mt Shasta Conference, Aug 2016. This was Corey's first time showing slides to the public and will be remembered as a historic event in human history. The information given in this lecture will be processed for decades to come. Hear it first before it becomes critical mass—this is everyone's opportunity to research and share this information as quickly as possible in order to usher in Full-Global-Disclosure that will benefit humanity in ways that we cannot even imagine. 

Corey Goode / Secret Space Program Lecture / Mt Shasta SSP Conference / Aug 2016

This is Part I of Corey Goode's first public lecture where he goes over slides for 2 hours story-telling his experiences within the secret space program. This video is most recommended for those who are beginning to learn about the disclosure effort being made to awaken the public to the reality of extraterrestrial civilizations in contact with our secret space programs. Part II will be posted above.


Cosmic Disclosure Update

An updated overview of the entire Cosmic Disclosure timeline of events. Narrated by David Wilcock.

  • Secret Space Program Alliance
  • Whistleblower: Corey Goode / William Tompkins
  • UFO / Extraterrestrial Groups
  • Defeat of the Cabal / Illuminati / Reptilians
  • Great Solar Flash
  • Ascension / Light Body / Enlightenment 
  • Inner Earth Civilizations
  • Inner Earth Alliance (living in caverns beneath earth's surface)
  • Sphere Being Alliance (super advanced ETs known as the guardians—they tend to physical and spiritual affairs of the entire solar system)
  • Antarctica Atlantis / Ancient Alien Ruins / Pyramids 
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Free Energy Technologies
  • / Cosmic Disclosure / Wisdom Teachings
  • Full Disclosure will result in an Optimal Temporal Reality