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  Great Awakening Map  V3-6/2018  #greatawakeningmap   Instagram   @    5D_Awakening_Consciousness    Share & Repost   @5D_Awakening_Consciousness  #greatawakeningmap #optimaltimelinereality

Great Awakening Map


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#greatawakeningmap #optimaltimelinereality

Great Awakening Map

Across the world, millions are awakening to the truth of reality.

The Great Awakening Map is taking the red pill with no looking back.

It emphasizes using our Collective Consciousness in constant meditation to manifest the Optimal Timeline Reality which we all want: End the Deep State, release Free-Energy technologies to clean and heal the world, free humanity from slavery, open contact with extraterrestrial family, and prepare for the Great Solar Flash: An already occurring Solar System-wide evolutionary event bringing about Spiritual Ascension and ideally an activation of our Light Body. It’s a wonderful time to be alive. World peace is now.

Escape the Matrix. Return to Source.
#greatawakeningmap #optimaltimelinereality

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Great Awakening Map
Summer Release


In a few years, our sun will release a series of flashes that will push humanity (Ascension) into Fifth-Dimensional consciousness. 

Our entire planet will evolve into her higher cosmic density, and our DNA + light bodies will be activated as we hang around for the wild ride. This is the greatest story ever told, and it is one that we share with passion on @5D_Awakening_Consciousness. 

Watch episodes of Cosmic Disclosure on for important updates. Stay in peace, forgive, and keep your vibration high. This is how you surf the powerful new energies into 5D reality.


The Great Awakening is a galactic event. We are being watched by guardians from every star system you can imagine. This is the most important transformation for humanity. It is much more than you think. The knowledge being unveiled will be a surprise for the entire universe. Earth is shifting into 5D consciousness. Stay in peace to transition into the highest vibration timeline for everyone. 🗝

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Great Awakening Iceberg Meme

How deep awake are you?

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 Great Awakening Iceberg Meme

Great Awakening Iceberg Meme

 Available Downloads  JPG  GreatAwakening_  Future_2000px.jpg

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 Available Downloads  JPG  GreatAwakening_P  yramid_2000px.jpg

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Great Awakening Pyramid

This is The Great Awakening. All around the world, the light is shining out darkness.

The rabbit hole is much deeper than you think. Millions around the world are awakening together.

The truth has begun to set us free from centuries of ignorance of our place in the cosmmos.

Where are you along your awakening? Leave your comments.

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Dolores Cannon

  • QHHT: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

  • Past-Life Regressionist

  • The Super Consciousness

  • Instantaneous Healing

  • Conversations with Nostradamus 

  • The Convoluted Universe Series

  • ET Custodians

Nassim Haramein

  • Unified Field Theory Physicist
  • The Resonance Project
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Quantum Gravity & Holographic Mass 

  • Vacuum Energy / Tetrahedron

  • Flower of Life

  • Ancient Civilizations

Kerry Cassidy

  • Project Camelot Whistleblower Interview Database

  • UFO/Black Projects/ET Agenda

  • Ascension Knowledge

Dr. Michael Salla

  • Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Life
  • ET Civilizations

  • Secret Space Programs

  • Whistleblower Interviews

  • UFO / Coverup / Secret Government Agencies / Breakaway Civilization

William Tompkins

  • Secret Space Program Whistleblower
  • Navy Secret Space Program / Solar Warden

  • UFO Craft / Antigravity Craft 

  • U.S. Spies to Germany Reveal Reptillian ETs

  • Antarctica Bases / Nazi Breakaway Civilization

Michael Tellinger

  • / Ancient Origins

  • 10 Million+ Stone Circles of South Africa

  • Sound Technology

  • Light and Saser Ancient Technology

  • Ancient Levitation / Sound Levitation

  • Ubuntu Movement

  • Metaphysics

Thrive Movement Film

  • Foster Gamble

  • Current Events in Awakening

  • Metaphysics & Sacred Geometry

  • Consciousness Sciences

  • Free Energy Technology

  • Global Elite Investigations

  • Politics of Free Energy Revolution

Gaia Network

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  • Expansive Metaphysical Film & Series Collection

  • Cosmic Disclosure / Secret Space Program

  • Tibetan Monks / Meditation / Rainbow Body Ascension

  • David Wilcock Wisdom Teachings Series

  • Disclosure Truth / Whistleblowers

Mary Rodwell

  • Star Children / Indigo Children

  • Australian Close Encounter Network

  • Ascension DNA Mechanics

  • UFO Abductions

DMT Nexus

  • Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) Forum

  • Entheogen Research

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Terence McKenna

  • Intellectual / Scientist / Psychonaut 

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  • Altered States of Consciousness

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James Gilliland

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  • ECETI Ranch - Mt Adams, OR

  • UFO Sightings / Extra-dimensional Craft

  • Energy Healing / Qi-Gong Invisibility / Tibetian Meditation

  • Extraterrestrial contact happening now

David Wilcock

  • Source-Field Researcher
  • Consciousness / Ascension / Metaphysics

  • Ancient Civilizations

  • Global Financial Tyranny

  • ET Disclosure Truth

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Geopolitical News Analysis

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  • Secret Information on Global Secret Societies

  • Trillion-Dollar Worldwide Gold Heist

  • Expert Geo-Political Analysis—International

  • Former Forbes Magazine Asia Correspondent 

RA: The Law of One

  • Ra Material: Law of One

  • 1981 Chanelling Sessions

  • Ascension Knowledge

  • Ancient Alien History

  • Consciousness Knowledge

  • Infinite Awareness

 Bob Dean

  • Secret Space Program Whistleblower

  • Ufologist

  • ET Groups

Richard C. Hoagland

  • Hyperdimensional Physics

  • Lost Civilizations on Moon & Mars

  • NASA: Dark Mission

  • Historical Space Program Cover-ups and Occult Symbolism

  • Secret Space Programs

  • Moon/Asteroid Bases

  • Rings of Saturn Ancient Bases

Corey Goode

  • Secret Space Program Whistleblower (Solar Warden)

  • Secret Space Program Alliance (SSP)

  • Sphere Being Alliance Delegate

  • Blue Orbs / Blue Avians / Sphere Being Alliance

  • Mars / Moon / Solar System Bases

  • Great Solar Flash

  • Ascension / Awakening / Consciousness

  • / Cosmic Disclosure

Graham Hancock

  • Ancient Civilizations & Psychedelia
  • Ancient Aliens Archaeologist

  • Author: Fingerprints of the Gods

  • Pyramids / DMT / Ayahuasca

  • Consciousness Sciences

  • Altered States of Consciousness

  • War on Drugs

Dr. Steven Greer

  • ET/UFO/Free-Energy Disclosure

  • Exopolitics

  • Unacknowledged Documentary

  • Sirius Documentary

  • Black Budgets / NASA / Secret Space Program

  • Citizens Hearing on Disclosure

  • CE-5 ET Contact Initiative

  • Atacama Humanoid / ET

View witness testimony from key whistleblowers at SiriusDisclosure YouTube Channel

Richard Dolan

  • UFO Politics / UFO Journalism

  • Black Project Programs

  • ET Technology

  • Author: AD—After Disclosure

Alex Jones

  • InfoWars News Network
  • US/World Government Alternative Reporting
  • World Current Events

  • War Updates and Analysis 

  • Chemtrails / Vaccines / False-Flags

  • Investigations of the Global Elite

Bashar Communications

  • Chanelling by Darryl Anka

  • The Higher Self

  • Manifesting Your Reality

  • Universal Knowledge

  • Metaphysics / Philosophy / Q&A

  • The Essassani Civilization

Semir Osmanagic

  • Bosnian Pyramid Discovery

  • Largest Pyramid in the recorded World

  • Built over 12000+ years ago

  • Scalar Energy Machine — exponential power increase into infinite space

Rainbow Body Ascension

  • Tibetan Rainbow Body

  • Meditation Knowledge

  • Ascension / Consciousness

  • Dzogchen / Bardo


We greatly appreciate any contribution amount to pursue our continual research and mission for Global Disclosure. With portions of all donated funds, we assist researchers and whistleblowers in continuing their mission for Global Disclosure. Much gratitude to all who have helped us in any way.

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The Art House Hyperdimensional Library is an abridged collection of knowledge gathered from 10+ years of consciousness research. The purpose of this archive is to bring people into full awareness of the fascinating potential of human consciousness on a personal level and for the collective mind. 

This database will assist in deprogramming from the negative-oriented mainstream matrix of news and media. The information found here will help others realize their full potential as we enter into a world of Post-Disclosure—a world where all have knowledge on preparations for the coming Solar Flash, existing ET civilizations, and achieving the Rainbow Body of light.

Art House is for a Post-Disclosure world—filled with free-energy technologies—instantaneous healing—consciousness mastery—and beyond.