Dolores Cannon
Quantum Healing

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

  • Past-Life Regressionist

  • The Super Consciousness

  • Instantaneous Healing

  • Conversations with Nostradamus 

  • The Convoluted Universe Series

  • ET Custodians


James Gilliland
ECETI – Enlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences

  • ECETI Ranch - Mt Adams, OR

  • UFO Sightings / Extra-dimensional Craft

  • Energy Healing / Qi-Gong / Turning Invisible / Tibetian Meditation

  • Extraterrestrial contact happening now


Richard C. Hoagland
Hyperdimensional Physicist

  • Hyperdimensional Physics

  • Lost Civilizations on Moon & Mars

  • NASA: Dark Mission

  • Tetrahedron 19.5


Project Camelot Portal
Kerry Cassidy

  • Whistleblower Database

  • Whistleblower Interviews

  • Disclosure Truth

  • UFO/Black Projects/ET Agenda

  • Ascension Knowledge


Metaphysics Database

  • Metaphysical Online Database

  • Alternative News Resource

  • Ascension Knowledge

  • Star Children / Wanderers / 11:11

  • Gregg Prescott


David Wilcock
Source-Field Researcher

  • Source-Field Researcher

  • Consciousness / Ascension / Metaphysics

  • Ancient Civilizations

  • Global Financial Tyranny

  • ET Disclosure Truth


Corey Goode
Secret Space Program Whistleblower (SSP)

  • Secret Space Program Alliance (SSP)

  • Sphere Being Alliance Delegate

  • Blue Orbs / Blue Avians / The Sphere Alliance

  • Mars / Moon / Solar System Bases


Nassim Haramein
Unified Field Theory Physicist

  • The Resonance Project

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Quantum Gravity & Holographic Mass

  • Vacuum Energy / Tetrahedron

  • Flower of Life

  • Ancient Civilizations


Graham Hancock
Ancient Civilizations & Psychedelia

  • Ancient Aliens Archaeologist

  • Author: Fingerprints of the Gods

  • Pyramids / DMT / Ayahuasca

  • Consciousness Sciences

  • Altered States of Consciousness


Dr. Michael Salla

Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Life

  • Exopolitics

  • Secret Space Program

  • Extraterrestrial Exopolitical News

  • Live Whistleblower Interviews

  • UFO / Coverup / Secret Government Agencies


Terence McKenna

  • Intellectual / Scientist / Lecturer

  • Psilocybin / DMT / Ayahuasca

  • Altered States of Consciousness

  • World's Foremost Expert on Psychedelics

  • Psychonaut


Dr. Steven Greer

  • ET/UFO Disclosure

  • Exopolitics

  • Sirius Documentary

  • Black Budgets / NASA / Secret Space Program

  • Citizens Hearing on Disclosure

  • CE-5 ET Contact Initiative

  • Atacama Humanoid / ET


View witness testimony from key whistleblowers at SiriusDisclosure YouTube Channel

William Tompkins
U.S. Space Fleet Designer Whistleblower 

  • Navy Secret Space Program / Solar Warden

  • UFO Craft / Antigravity Craft 

  • U.S. Spies to Germany Reveal Reptillian ETs

  • Antarctica Bases / Nazi Breakaway Civilization


Spirit Science
Animated Series

  • Metaphysics Knowledge

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Esoteric Knowledge

  • Flower of Life

  • Chakras / Crystals

  • Ancient Human History

  • Films by Jordan Pierce


Richard Dolan
UFO Politics

  • Consummate Expert on UFO Politics

  • Black Projects

  • ET Technology

  • Author: AD—After Disclosure

  • Richard Dolan


Michael Tellinger
Ancient Origins

  • 10 Million+ Stone Circles of South Africa

  • Sound Technology

  • Light and Saser Ancient Technology

  • Ancient Levitation / Sound Levitation

  • Ubuntu Movement

  • Metaphysics


Rumor Mill News
Live Alternative News Feed

  • Global Politics

  • Metaphysics

  • Consciousness Science

  • Exopolitics

  • Conspiracy Truth

  • Rayelan


Alex Jones
InfoWars News

  • US/World Government 

  • World Current Events

  • War Updates and Analysis 

  • Chemtrails / Vaccines / False-Flags

  • Investigations of the Global Elite


Thrive Movement Film
Foster Gamble

  • Current Events in Awakening

  • Metaphysics & Sacred Geometry

  • Consciousness Sciences

  • Free Energy Technology

  • Global Elite Investigations

  • Politics of Free Energy Revolution


Zeitgeist Films

  • Government Cover-Ups

  • In-depth: Awakening Movement

  • Resource Based Economy

  • Ancient Human History

  • Peter Joseph


Darryl Anka

  • Chanelling by Darryl Anka

  • The Higher Self

  • Manifesting Your Reality

  • Universal Knowledge

  • Metaphysics / Philosophy / Q&A

  • The Essassani Civilization



Consciousness Awakening

  • Expansive Metaphysical Film & Series Collection

  • Cosmic Disclosure / Secret Space Program

  • Tibetian Monks / Meditation / Rainbow Body Ascension

  • Ascension / Holistic / Yoga

  • David Wilcock Wisdom Teachings Series

  • Disclosure Truth / Whistleblowers



Benjamin Fulford
Geopolitical News Analysis

  • World Financial Revelations

  • Secret Information on Global Secret Societies

  • Trillion-Dollar Worldwide Gold Heist

  • Expert Geo-Political Analysis—International


Rise Earth
Metaphysics & Consciousness

  • Metaphysical Articles

  • Holistic Healing

  • Ascension Journey 

  • Consciousness Sciences


Semir Osmanogic
Bosnian Pyramids

  • Bosnian Pyramids Discovery

  • Largest Pyramids in the recorded World

  • Built over 12000+ years ago

  • Scalar Energy Machine — exponential power increase into infinite space


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We greatly appreciate any kind of contribution to enable us to continue our research and mission for Global Disclosure. With some of your donated funds, we will also give donations to other researchers and whistleblowers in this field to help them continue their mission for Global Disclosure. Much gratitude to all who have helped us in anyway.
—Art House Contemporary, Parinya Champ


The Art House Contemporary Library is an abridged collection of knowledge gathered from 7+ years of consciousness research. The purpose of this library is to bring people into full awareness of the fascinating potential of the human consciousness on a personal level as well as for the collective mind. 

This database will help others deprogram from the negative-oriented mainstream matrix of news and media. This database will help others to realize their full potential as we enter into a world of Post-Disclosure—a world where all have knowledge of ET civilizations and knowledge of achieving Rainbow Body ascension.

Art House Contemporary is for a Post-Disclosure world—filled with free-energy technologies—instantaneous healing—consciousness mastery—and beyond.