Cosmic Disclosure Update

An updated overview of the entire Cosmic Disclosure timeline of events. Narrated by David Wilcock.

  • Secret Space Program Alliance
  • Whistleblower: Corey Goode / William Tompkins
  • UFO / Extraterrestrial Groups
  • Defeat of the Cabal / Illuminati / Reptilians
  • Great Solar Flash
  • Ascension / Light Body / Enlightenment 
  • Inner Earth Civilizations
  • Inner Earth Alliance (living in caverns beneath earth's surface)
  • Sphere Being Alliance (super advanced ETs known as the guardians—they tend to physical and spiritual affairs of the entire solar system)
  • Antarctica Atlantis / Ancient Alien Ruins / Pyramids 
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Free Energy Technologies
  • / Cosmic Disclosure / Wisdom Teachings
  • Full Disclosure will result in an Optimal Temporal Reality