Clark McClelland: NASA Astronaut Reveals E.T. Cover-up

An amazing Project Camelot interview by Kerry Cassidy with Clark McClelland, an Ex-NASA officer with a highly decorated history. He was forcefully ejected by NASA when he began whistleblowing about the secrets behind the Nazi takeover of NASA and the Secret Space Program.

Notes Taken:

  • Hitler's Shangrila in Antartica was where the Nazi's retreated and built a new civilization
  • Nicola Tesla: The greatest thinking mind of all time—responsible for creating anti-gravitic craft
  • Hollow Earth North/South Pole entrances exist—were flown over by Admiral Byrd
  • Admiral Byrd: Led an expedition to Antartica with a full fleet of battle ships to find and destroy the Nazi secret base. They were heavily defeated and had to retreat back to the U.S.
  • Aldebaran extraterrestrial race—tall, blonde, blue-eyed Ayrians in contact with Nazis
  • 1952—UFO flyover of Washington D.C. by Nazi UFO's that came from Antarctica
  • Moon bases exist on the back-side and on Mars
  • New World Order astronauts are in control of the Moon/Mars bases
  • Nazi Bell technology—antigravitic craft flew to Moon/Mars and back
  • We are over 50 years behind knowledge of what we have in technology
  • Clark McClelland saw a 9ft tall being in the Space Shuttle bay while in space. It was giving astronauts instructions with arm movements. Humanoid-large-headed. Came from large craft parked next to the shuttle. 



Please help Astronaut Clark McClelland with his financial situation during this time of his life due to his circumstances of being rejected by NASA and the U.S. Government because of his heroic decision of whistleblowing. He is selling 24k gold foil that was from the Lunar Lander which he worked on. He is currently 80 years old and living on only 1,200 dollars a month: