Cosmic Disclosure - Secret Space Program - David Wilcock & Corey Goode Interview

Corey Goode is an intuitive-empath and has bravely given us his personal tour through the world of the Secret Space Program that has been operating under global secrecy. He was working in this program for twenty years.

Defectors from various secret space groups have designed an operation to bring about global disclosure on earth to expose the history of the secret space program. The various space groups have created a vast infrastructure of industrial complexes and colonies of human beings that work in a large industrial machine that is spread throughout our solar system. These installations produce exotic advanced technologies while some are scientific research facilities. There are facilities spread across Mars, inside hollowed out asteroids, on the back side of the moon, and just about anywhere they want to be. The Sphere Alliance, made of Blue-Avian beings, is a peaceful ancient race that has come into our solar system inside large Sphere Ships that can be larger than Jupiter. Their ships are stabilizing the new energies coming in that are creating an energetic consciousness ascension for the entire solar system—the Golden Era that has been prophesied by ancient religions for eons of time.

Corey has been contacted by higher-dimensional beings known as the Avians. They are telepathic, blue-to-indigo color, covered in feathers with no wings and no beak. They are able to exist in higher density dimensions.

Everything is made of vibration and energy. Beings are able to travel into these other vibrations due to their mastery of higher consciousness. We are now going to be experiencing these higher conscious abilities such as psychic ability, esp, telekinesis, levitation, etc. These abilities have already been achieved by recent Tibetian Monks who are practiced in the sacred and ancient ability of performing Rainbow Body.

The Avians know that all the religions on the world will come together to embrace the new era for mankind. They espouse the need for humans to love and forgive, the vibration to higher consciousness. 

As a most fascinating thing discussed, Corey Goode and David Wilcock explain that life is located everywhere in our dimension. It is even floating out in sheer abundance in the vacuum-frigid-stillness of space.

Genetic manipulation of the human race has been going on for over 250k+ years by over 22 different highly-advanced alien groups. 

GaiamTV.com gives us this brilliant interview under the series titled: Cosmic Disclosure

Blue-Avian Beings — Extra-dimensional race inhabiting 6th to 9th density. They are the inhabitants living inside the gigantic Sphere Ships of the Sphere Alliance. They are helping in the move for global disclosure on Earth. (image source,  android jones)

Blue-Avian Beings — Extra-dimensional race inhabiting 6th to 9th density. They are the inhabitants living inside the gigantic Sphere Ships of the Sphere Alliance. They are helping in the move for global disclosure on Earth. (image source, android jones)

Topics Discussed

  • High Energy Galactic Wave — A tsunami like energy wave that ebbs and flows into our solar system. This is occuring now and is rewriting the DNA in everything that exists. We are ascending the higher energetic changes. It is changing our consciousness and activating super abilities. We must all raise our consciousness to be more loving and more forgiving of others, it stops the wheel of karma. Focus on being service-to-others on a daily basis, not be focused on our own self-needs, but to help others and be empathetic. Raise our consciousness daily and our vibration. These are the words and teachings from the Blue-Avian beings.
  • Density — Another plane of existence all around us in a different vibration and frequency. Our density is currently being changed as our earth moves through a highly energetic realm of space. We are all ascending into a higher dimension—it is a transformational experience on a consciousness level and DNA upgrade.
  • Blue-Avian Beings — Bird-like, blue-feathered, highly advanced, higher density, extra-dimensional race that live in 6th to 9th density. They are the inhabitants that live in the Sphere Ships of the Sphere Alliance. They are telepathic and communicate through telepathy while raising their right hand and using it in a sign-language when communicating to humans. 
  • Golden Triangle Head Being — An ancient race, almost like an elder race to the Avian beings. Described with a huge head of a large upside-down golden triangle head with huge circle blue eyes in the center. Body was very skinny, loose and spindly like jellyfish. Ten-foot tall, extremely long thin arms, no clothing, brown skin with golden sheen. Three-fingered and three-toed, like tripods. 
  • Solar Warden — A well-intentioned group attempting to produce global disclosure. They monitor and patrol the solar system. Created around 70's Reagan Star Wars. An aging fleet. Original responsibility to police the solar system from intruders not of the fourty-group super federation. 
  • Global Galactic League of Nations — Humans that were outside of our solar system that are trying to return back into our solar system through a barrier that was erected in the past. All the travel in and out of our solar system has been suspended for the near future while the galactic energetic changes occur.
  • LOC — Lunar Operations Command. Located on back side of moon. Neutral diplomatic facility. All space programs have access to this station and use it. A transit station from the moon to other places throughout the solar system and beyond. Located at 10 o'clock position of moon when viewed. Was built far back as 1930. Was once part of an old nazi facility that has been added onto. 
  • Earth Alliance — Creating a new financial system to take down the global banking cabal. Removing the need for money.
  • Space Alliance — Started off as Solar Warden Faction and defectors from other secret space programs. Known as the Secret Space Program Alliance. A hodge-podge of defectors allying together in goal for ending tyranny on earth of the secret earth government that controls the Babylonian money magic slave system, and to bring to earth the technologies they have created that has free-energy, healing medical technology, and anything needed to clean up the environment and collapse the financial system. They have been trying to give earth a global disclosure.
  • The Sphere Alliance — Group that has large planet sized ships that are here to keep energies stable during earth's transit into the area of high cosmic consciousness energy. Their ships are spread out equidistantly across the solar system to monitor and stablize the new energies coming in. This is going to help highly sensitive people on earth to lessen their ascension symptoms. 
  • Sphere Ships — Super-large macro-level sized ships (larger than Jupiter) of the Sphere Alliance. Multi-dimensional ships that can materialize into higher densities. Over 100+ in our solar system at this time. Here to act as "devices" to "buffer and diffuse the highly powerful tsunamis of energies coming into our solar system at this time. Piloted and inhabited by the Blue-Avians.
  • Ra Tear Eir — A Blue-Avian that is telepathic that told Corey Goode that all humans should work together to obey all the tenants of religions. Love each other, forgive all others, and become more compassionate.
  • Our Moon — A neutral diplomatic zone for all dimensional races to conduct business that has been respectfully observed for eons of time. There are ancient ruins scattered all over the surface. The entire back side of the moon has underground bases and facilities from ET races and secret space program industries. The back side of the moon is owned and inhabited by different ET groups. They have been there for many thousands of years in peace. The moon is a perfect observation area to leave and come to earth for their experiments of 22 genetic programs.
  • Dark Fleet — A very secretive fleet with advanced space technology, exercising jurisdiction completely outside our solar system.
  • UN "type" Fleet — A more laid-back space group from delegates of many earth nations. Non-militaristic. 
  • ICC — Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate — Group that owns all infrastructure out in the solar system, mostly ever aerospace group and military black budget programs, American and foreign corporations. Extremely massive group.
  • Le Grange Points — Areas of uninterrupted gravitational pull (stationary points in our solar system). A nice place for ships and beings to park in space.
  • Plasma Beings — The secret space program discovered a new sentient lifeform that was made of some kind of plasma. They were above the planet of Jupiter feeding off of its electromagnetic energy. They behaved like single-celled organisms.
  • Moon Whales & Dolphins — Underwater lifeforms located on some ice/water moons of Jupiter. 
  • Schumann Resonance — The natural frequency of the earth is piped through the ships to create a comfortable environment for the humans to live on board the vessels. The ships are self-contained systems that recycle everything. Water is in abundance. 
  • Replicators — Create meals such as pot roast and mashed potatoes. Able to be used for weapons. All technology contains Buffer Technology to prevent harmful objects (weapons) from materializing. 
The only traps we have in our lives are the ones we set up for ourselves. —Ra Tear Eir, Blue-Avian Being

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